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Snootiful Sighthounds

Whether you’re thinking of adopting an adult greyhound or welcoming a whippet pup into the household, you’re in for a treat! As well as looking like the perfect cross between a dog and a reindeer, sighthounds are generally gentle, sweet dogs who make loyal and interactive family members. Read on for some of the benefits and potential challenges of owning a sighthound.

Benefits of sighthounds:

  • Just have a look at their sweet little faces, and perhaps search “sighthounds dressed as reindeer” – you won’t be sorry!
  • They make gentle, devoted companions, and are often very tolerant and affectionate with children (with adequate supervision, as recommended for any young child-dog interaction)
  • They will entertain you with bursts of highly athletic “zoomies” in open spaces, and then charm you with calm snuggles on the couch afterwards
  • They are generally considered to be relatively “healthy” breeds, having been bred for performance
  • Other than brushing out loose hairs (and the usual nail clipping required for most dogs), whippets and greyhounds require very little grooming maintenance
  • They are generally not “barkers”

Potential challenges of owning a sighthound:

  • Their lean bodies and finer fur make them feel the cold (although this can be remedied with a warm coat)
  • They can be prone to sensitive tummies, sometimes requiring prescription diets or other treatments to manage
  • They can be prone to dental disease and require regular dental hygiene maintenance
  • Whippets can have a predisposition to developing heart disease, whilst greyhounds can have a predisposition towards developing bone tumours
  • Puppies, particularly of the whippet variety, can be high-energy and mischievous until maturity at around two years old

Ask our friendly team if you’d like any further information on sighthounds. We’ll try to refrain from making any “Whippet real good” jokes!