Dietary Advice

It is extremely important to make sure your furry friends are fed a healthy diet and exercised daily to ensure they stay healthy and strong.

We supply top of the range premium and prescription foods:

Doyalson Animal Hospital | Purina
Doyalson Animal Hospital | Prime 100

Each of these brands contain all the nutrients needed to give your pet the healthy life they deserve.

If a healthy weight is not maintained your pet could run into serious health problems.

A few examples include:

• Arthritis
• Respiratory Disease
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Liver Failure

Come in and use our scales at reception to see how much your pet weighs. We can also monitor your pet’s weight, with our friendly nurses being able to provide you with dietary advice specific to your pet’s life stage.
Concerned about your pet’s weight? Have a look at our weight loss clinic.