Dr James Yates B.V.Sc

James was part of the Doyalson Animal Hospital family since 2001 and partner in the business since 2007. James was an absolute pleasure to work with in all capacities as a veterinary colleague, as a business partner and as boss. He was always genuinely interested in you, and had the amazing ability to make you feel like you were the only person that mattered at that time. He was an incredibly genuine and caring human being.

James’ clients loved him beyond measure as he always did that bit extra. He was an exceptional veterinarian and again he was incredibly caring to his patients and their owners. Many times I have heard clients remark at how touched they were by his care and yet they may have only met him on a single occasion. This level of compassion has touched all of us at Doyalson Animal Hospital as we aspire to be as he was.

On the 3rd July 2012 James did not arrive at work. Nobody had the chance to say goodbye or to change what happened. Rest in Peace Dr James, you are a beautiful person.