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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a class where your puppy can begin to learn to socialise and interact with humans and other dogs; it is a vital part in a young dog’s development. It is important to start teaching your puppy early if you want an adult dog that is well socialised with both people and other dogs.

 Positive reinforcement training methods are used – rewarding for correct behaviour with treats, toys and your praise. This will build a lifelong bond between you and your pet. By the end of the course your puppy will be calm, and able to lie quietly beside you even with distractions. We will teach you the methods to train your puppy. Your puppy will be a happy, friendly well behaved member of the family that you can proudly take anywhere.

Doyalson Puppy Training

Why do puppies need to go to preschool?

Puppies have a sensitive period of development called the socialisation period. It occurs from about 4 – 14 weeks of age, and any experiences the puppy has during this time can affect later behaviour. Dogs that are isolated during this time are more likely to become hyperactive, aggressive, difficult to train, antisocial and fearful. To develop into normal, friendly and confident adults, puppies need to be regularly handled and need to socialise with other puppies, so that they learn how to communicate. They need to be exposed to new experiences in a non-threatening way, whilst avoiding the disease risks of mixing with other dogs in public places.

The right start

Puppy Preschool is a safe way to socialise your puppy, and start them off on the basics of training. They will learn good manners, which includes basic obedience commands such as “Come”, “Sit”, “Drop”, and “Stay”. All training is based on positive reinforcement. There are also play sessions to teach puppies how to interact. These take place between pairs of puppies with similar temperaments, and only when the instructor has assessed that this is suitable.

The course will also cover:

  • How dogs learn
  • Leadership
  • Socialization – Dogs, meeting people, life experiences,
  • Environmental sounds & Situations
  • Calming & settling
  • Handling
  • Biting and Mouthing
  • Jumping up
  • House & family pets
  • Toilet training
  • Separation Tolerance
  • Environmental Enrichment -activities to keep your puppy happy in its backyard
  • Basic health care
  • Toys & Games
  • Car safety

The course details:


The classes are held on the premises of the veterinary hospital in a safe and friendly environment. They are inside, and therefore can run in any kind of weather.


Courses run for 5 consecutive weeks, puppies must be 6 – 14 weeks old, with at least one vaccination. The first class is an information session for humans only, where we discuss how your puppy learns and give you hints and tips on how to teach them appropriately, as well as how to prepare your home to maximise house training success. The following four sessions are for humans and puppies too!

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