Hydrobath & Grooming

A happy pet is a well-groomed pet and here at Doyalson Animal Hospital, we keep your pets looking, feeling and smelling fabulous with our hydrobath and grooming services. 


A hydrobath produces a combination of shampoo and warm water to give your dog a very thorough wash. We only use the highest quality natural shampoos. After your pet is nice and clean, it will be rinsed with clean, warm water. Your pet is then towel dried and ready to go home.

Session Times

Monday, Tuesday and Friday – 9:00am to 10:30am


We only perform grooming on dogs and cats whilst they are under an anaesthetic. Our price includes grooming, IV fluids, anaesthetic and day boarding of your pet. Your pet is monitored by a qualified veterinary nurse before, during and after it’s grooming procedure. Owners with dogs that can tolerate being groomed without an anaesthetic are encouraged to seek out a qualified external groomer. 

For any further information or to book in your pet please call our friendly staff