Feline Vaccinations

Our goal is to help your animal live the longest, best life possible. For adult cats, the frequency of vaccinations varies from 1-3 years, but this depends on the risk of disease exposure to the individual cat. We recommend booking an appointment with one of our vets who can develop a personalised vaccination protocol according to your individual cat’s needs and risk factors.

Vaccination schedule for your kitten:

6 – 8 weeks old (1st vaccination)

F3 vaccination Your kitten will usually have had this before they come to you, if not book them in as soon as possible. The F3 vaccinations protects your feline friend against feline rhinotracheitis virus (herpes), feline calicivirus (cat flu) and feline panleucopenia virus.

10-12 weeks old (2nd vaccination)

(2nd vaccination): F3 vaccination The first 10 – 12 weeks of your kittens life is the ideal socialisation period. Make sure you kitten gets to experience a range of new things such as children or other pets in the household.

14-16 weeks old (3rd vaccination)

F3 vaccination After their 3rd vaccination they will then need to have a yearly vaccination to keep them fully protected. Don’t worry if you forget, we will send you a reminder a month before your pet’s vaccination is due! All boarding kennels will require a F3 vaccination certificate before your cat can board with them.

To schedule a vaccination appointment, call one of our friendly nurses