Doyalson Animal Hospital | Low Stress Handling Silver Certification

Low Stress Handling Accreditation

Doyalson Animal Hospital is proud to announce that our hospital has just received certification in Low Stress Handling.

This means our staff are trained in methods of holding, treating and examining animals, while making sure that they are as comfortable as possible. We know that the vet clinic can be an intimidating place for some of our furry friends. Sometimes just knowing that your pet will be anxious is enough to make you feel anxious about coming in, too. So, at Doyalson Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to reduce stress for everyone– our aim is that you and your pet will actually enjoy your visits with us.

How do we do this? Low Stress Handling is an integral part of our practice. From little things like using a towel on a consultation table to make it less slippery, to running special ‘Cat only’ consulting times so that cats don’t have to wait in a room with barking dogs, everything we do is designed to keep pets happy.

  • If your dog prefers to walk outside and sniff around the gardens rather than sit in the waiting room, we like to accommodate that.
  • We can show you how to make the cat carrier an enjoyable thing for your cat, to avoid having to force your cat into a box!
  • We offer treats that cats and dogs love – like dried liver or canned tuna or peanut butter.
  • If your dog panics when it comes into the consultation room we have a ‘fun vet visit’ program, to help it learn that good things (like chicken!) can also happen when you visit.
  • We can also work with you to teach your pet to enjoy having its nails trimmed, or taking a tablet, or having an injection.
  • When your pet needs surgery, we can use anti-anxiety medications to make sure that they don’t become nervous while away from you.
  • Our hospital cages have soft fluffy mats, blankets and hot water bottles if needed.
  • Our staff use techniques to gently hold your pet that are tailored to the individual patient – we understand that each animal is different and our approach reflects this.

Our Low Stress Handling includes all this – and much more. We pride ourselves on offering the best care for your pet. We understand that a good veterinary hospital is more than just top quality facilities and medical advice. We realise that pets are furry family members and we treat them with compassion and kindness, so we see more wagging tails and smiling faces!

Come in for a visit and find out more!