Doyalson Animal Hospital | Small Dog Sleeping

A day in the life of a Doyalson Animal Hospital patient

Something is wrong tonight. I can’t quite put my paw on it but my humans are acting strangely. They keep saying “oh I hope she’s ok tomorrow and not too scared” I don’t know who they are talking about but they keep looking at me when they say it? Also I wasn’t giving my bedtime biscuit tonight which I ALWAYS get. So I sulked but that still didn’t get me my treat.

Even stranger this morning I wasn’t given any breakfast or water. Now I’m really not happy about this, no bedtime snack and now no breakfast too! What have I done wrong? They do keep giving me extra cuddles though and seem worried.

Things are looking up; we’re going out in the car – YES! I hope it’s the beach, I really hope it’s the beach!!!

It’s not the beach; we pull up at the vets instead. Now I don’t mind the vets but the beach would have been much better. We go in and I wag my tail at the other dogs in the waiting room so they know I’m friendly. My human talks to one of the vet nurses and I’m asked to jump on the scales. Maybe to check I’m not wasting away after having no breakfast! Then one of the vets call’s us in to their room. Yes, this MUST mean treats; I always get treats from the vet.

No treats but the vet listens to my heart, talks to my owners and then insults of all insults takes my temperature! My human then gets all sad and starts cuddling me. The vet and my human talk some more and I hear the word ‘Spey’ and then my human leaves. Where are they going? I start to feel a bit scared but the vet pats me and scratches my ears and makes me feel better. They then take me through the lab and into the treatment room where there are some lovely nurses who give me more cuddles. One of them then holds me and the other takes some bloods from me. I don’t really feel anything as the nurse talks to me all the time and takes my mind of it. Then I go into an enclosure with a soft bed and watch everything that’s going on.

There’s lots happening in here and the nurses talk to me lots which makes me feel better. I then get more cuddles, I think they are doing something to my back but I can’t see what and the cuddles are just soooo good that I don’t care. Back in my enclosure I start to feel sleepy, it must have been a pre-med injection they gave me. I lie down and get comfy, I want to watch what’s going on but my eyelids are too heavy.

Next thing I’m getting more cuddles and I lick the nurse through my sleepiness and she holds my leg out and I get a thing put in my leg. Then a long tube is attached to what looks like a bag of water. This must be my fluids to help support my kidney and liver and for me to have a quicker recovery after my surgery. I’m now feeling really sleepy, I feel the vet nurse stroking my ears and that’s the last thing I remember.

Next I’m waking up on a thick comfy bed with a lovely hot water bottle and warm snuggly blanket over me. I can hear talking and feel someone stroking my head but I don’t want to open my eyes yet. This feels soooo nice and cosy. Finally I open my eyes and look around; I’m still in the treatment room. I don’t know what happened; I must have had my surgery. I stay where I am until I feel like getting up then they put me in my enclosure with my hot water bottle and blanket and I go back to sleep for a while. When I wake up I feel much more awake and get up for a stretch. I sit and watch all the activity in the treatment room and get some more cuddles. I have my fluids removed and get to go outside for a wee and then I hear the vet say “your human has arrived Lottie” I’m so excited to see them, the vet takes me into a room and there they are, I run into their arms and gets LOTS of cuddles. The vet puts a cone around my neck before I leave to protect my stiches and tells my human I’ve been a VERY good girl today.

At Doyalson we understand how hard it can be to leave your pet with us for the day and make sure each and every patient is looked after as we would like our own pet looked after. We perform surgeries Monday to Friday for pets from San Remo, Wyee, Summerland Point, Warnervale, Woongarrah, Charmhaven & Gorokan.