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What Dry Food Should I Be Using?

With hundreds of dry foods available to choose from, it can be daunting choosing the right product for your pet. We recommend feeding your pet dry food as it is scientifically formulated to provide your pet all the protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals that depending on your pet’s life stage need.

Here are some important things to consider before selecting a dry food for your furry friend:

  • Species: Cat or Dog? Both have very different needs so ensure you are feeding dry food for the correct species!
  • Age: As our pet’s age, their requirements change. Most high quality dry foods have bags available for different age groups such as the Royal Canin Junior, Adult and Senior dog range or Paediatric, Young and Senior cat range. It’s important to change from a kitten/puppy/junior food to an adult product as kitten/puppy foods generally have a higher fat content to help youngsters grown big and strong. If you keep your adult pet on this food it can lead to un-necessary weight gain which can be hard to shift. Also changing to a mature/senior food at the right time is equally important as senior pets often need added nutrients to help them with the aging process.
  • Is your pet desexed? Neutered diets can help prevent obesity while providing all the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development
  • Weight: With over 50% of our pets being overweight (or overly loved) they need food to assist them to lose weight. Hills metabolic & Royal Canin Satiety have both been formulated to help your pet feel full and satisfied between meals and assist with weight loss.
  • Does your pet have any medical conditions? Urinary, Skin, Renal, Digestive issues? We have veterinary prescribed food to assist your pet’s medical conditions, known as the Hills Science Diet or Royal Canin veterinary dog and cat prescription range.
  • Is one of these conditions a dental issue? Hills t/d or Royal Canin Dental dry food can help to reduce tartar and the accumulation of bacteria.
  • After a grain free, hypoallergenic veterinary recommended dry food, consider the Ivory Coat dog and cat range. We also have Ivory Coat Gourmet tasty dog treats available. All of these dog and cat dry foods and gourmet dog treats are available in stock and in a range of sizes here at Doyalson Animal Hospital. There is a lot to consider before purchasing the right dry food for your pet. Lucky for you our vets and nurses know how to help you select the appropriate food. Come in and have a chat to us or give us a call on (02) 43992129!

Both Royal Canin & Hills Science Diet offer a full money back guarantee, so if your pet doesn’t like their new diet we can exchange for a different food or refund you.

If there is a food you would like to try which we don’t stock we are always happy to order it in for you. We also offer a special buy 10 bags and get the 11th bag for FREE of any size product in the Royal Canin range. This along with our loyalty card is a great offer.

Our clients come from all over the Central Coast for advice and to buy food including San Remo, Wyee, Lake Munmorah, Lake Haven, Toukley, Kanwal, Woongarrah & Warnervale.