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Why Your Puppy Needs Puppy Pre School

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your puppy or dog to help them be the best member of the family they can be.

Just like children your pet needs to learn the rules so they know how to interact and socialise with not only other dogs but human’s too. Imagine how difficult it would be if you were taken into a situation where you didn’t know how to act (like your first date as a teenager) everyday. Not only would it make you anxious but possible scared too and that’s when problems can start.

By giving your pet the tools they need you are setting them up for a happy well socialised life.

Starting early as possible is best as puppies have a sensitive period of development called the socialisation period. It occurs from about 4 – 14 weeks of age, and any experiences the puppy has during this time can affect later behaviour. Dogs that are isolated during this time are more likely to become hyperactive, aggressive, difficult to train, antisocial and fearful. To develop into normal, friendly and confident adults, puppies need to be regularly handled and need to socialise with other puppies, so that they learn how to communicate.

Of course this isn’t always possible, you may have adopted an older pet but don’t despair it’s never too late to start obedience training. It may take a little longer and you may need to put in more work if your pet has had a traumatic experience but with patience and love you can get great results.

If you do have an older pet that seems to have anxiety or obedience issues we recommend you have them checked by a vet for any underlying medical issues first. Medication can also help with deep seeded issues and make all the difference to your pet’s behaviour.

We also have many handouts that can help you overcome a variety of issues more common in older pets such as digging, barking and pulling on the lead.

Puppy Pre School is not only a positive experience for your pet but a fantastic bonding experience for the whole family. We encourage everyone who lives with your pet to come along. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to continuity in training your pet.

Coming along to Puppy Pre School also get’s your puppy used to visiting the vet and shows them it’s a positive, fun place to come, hopefully making future visit’s a lot less traumatic for them.

At Puppy Pre School as well as socialisation you and your puppy may learn:-
Calming & settling
Biting and Mouthing
Jumping up
House & family pets
Toilet training
Separation Tolerance
Environmental Enrichment -activities to keep your puppy happy in its backyard
Basic health care
Toys & Games
Car safety

Doyalson Animal Hospital offer’s regular Puppy Pre School classes which usually run in the evenings after work. Call us on 4399 2129 to find out when our next class will run or for information on our handouts for older pets.

If our classes don’t run at a time that suits you there are other options available in suburbs Wyee, Summerland Point, Warnervale, Lake Haven, San Remo and Charmhaven.