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Why Desex Your Pet?

We’ve all learnt about the birds and the bees but our pets shouldn’t find out unless we want them to.

Accidental pregnancies are easily avoided with a day procedure surgery. Unless you have made the decision for your pet to have a litter of puppies or kittens book your furbie in for their surgery when they are 6 months old. This is especially important for your female cat as you cannot always know when they are in season.  Even indoor only cats can make their escape, especially when they are feeling the need to go out on the town to meet a tom cat. There are so many unwanted cats in the local pounds and care groups already, unwanted kittens only add to the strain.

The pitter patter of unwanted paws isn’t the only reason to get your pet desexed. Other positives are:-

Reducing the risk of uterine infections such as Pyometra and mammary cancer in females and prostate or testicular cancer in males.   All of which can be life threatening and probably the number 1 reason after unwanted pregnancies to get your pet desexed.

Females in season can be difficult for owners to walk or let out of the house due to unwanted suitors harassing them. They can also make a mess from bleeding.

Desexed males tend to have a less strong odour and are less likely to mark their territory with urine. This can help with male cats that spray.

Desexing can help with aggression.

It is cheaper to register desexed pets with the council

When your pet comes in to be desexed they will be with us for the day. Drop off is usually between 8.30-9am and you will see a vet on arrival who will be happy to answer any questions or concerns your may have. Your pet will have their own nurse for the day looking after them with plenty of cuddles. They will be given a pre med to help relax them and during and after surgery they are kept warm with a heated blanket. All our patients have a nurse with them in recovery who stays with them until they are awake and settled. We understand leaving your pet for surgery is scary and take care of them as we would our own pet. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have to help put your mind at ease.

Say what? Debunking the rumours

My pet will put on weight if I get them desexed

Your pet’s metabolism may slow due to a change in hormone production, especially in females. Simply watching their food intake will minimise any weight issues.

Their personality will change after being desexed

There is no evidence their personality will change for the worse. In fact desexing may help with aggression.

My female dog/cat should have one litter before being desexed or my children want their pet to have a litter.

It is not necessary for a pet to have a litter. Spaying a dog before her first heat will reduce the risk of mammary cancer to almost zero.

Your children may enjoying having lots of puppies or kittens to look at and play with but there is a huge financial cost involved in their care as well as the responsibility to find them all loving homes. Have you enough money to cover the cost of an emergency caesarean?

My husband feels bad to remove our male dog/cats testicles as he’ll miss them.

By desexing your pet at 6 months you will stop them having the chance to develop mating behaviours. You cannot compare how a human would feel to how your pet will feel. They are a loved member of the family but they are not human.

If you would like more information on desexing your pet or to book their surgery in please call us on 4399 2129.