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Becoming a New Puppy Parent

When taking on the new and exciting role as a puppy parent we also take on the responsibility to give that pup the very best life. This includes letting them be part of the family, don’t get a puppy and then leave them in the garden 24/7. That’s simply a prison sentence and will only encourage negative behaviour.

You have to be willing to put in the time and effort of raising a well rounded pooch who will become a loving, well behaved member of the family.

When it comes to good behaviour, did you know that the most critical time in your dog’s life is during their first four months? Socialisation with other dogs and experiences in the big wide world at this time is extremely important for a sociable and well-behaved family fur member.

If you are caring for a puppy during this critical time you should think about the following

Puppies have brains like little sponges. A puppy’s brain is ready to absorb and process everything they do and experience. The more they are introduced to during this period, the better as it helps them become a well adjusted and happier and dog in the future.

Puppy school is the first booking you should make on your dog’s social calendar. Puppy school is a great way for dogs to develop confidence and learn how to interact with each other and this helps with canine interactions in the future such as park plays and social gatherings. And don’t worry; puppy school is a safe environment as all puppies must be up to date with their vaccinations. Ask us for more information.

Puppyhood is a good time to introduce your dog to different noises and experiences. If they learn how to behave when the vacuum is going, when there are cats in the hood or around traffic and other people, it will help make future outings much more pleasant! Don’t forget to also introduce your puppy to some longer stints at home alone. We can recommend some great boredom busters to keep your puppy stimulated when you head out as you want your dog to learn to be happy and feel safe during any ‘alone time’.

And don’t forget that good behaviour and training doesn’t stop after the age of four months! It is crucial to continue with positive reinforcement and to reward your dog for good behaviour throughout their entire life.

When it comes to pet behaviour, you should always ask us for the best advice – we are here to help.