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Now is the time to review what you are feeding your pet

We know when you go to buy food for your pet it can be very confusing so this January we are asking pet owners to review their pets diet and start 2020 on the right track to give them the nutritional support they need right now. We recommend doing this throughout their life as their needs will change with age and medical issues needing extra care.

There are many choices available and lots of people that will give you their advice. Pet food companies also complicate things with claims that their food is better than others because it is all natural, paleo, vegan, grain free, wheat free and so on.

The best diet to feed your pet is one that is recommended by us. When it comes to nutrition, we are able to give you the most up to date information that has scientific backing. We will recommend the most appropriate diet no matter what stage of life your pet is at. For example, if you have a puppy, are you feeding it the best food for its breed to ensure correct bone growth? Or if your pet is suffering from a particular disease such as osteoarthritis, are you feeding the best diet to help manage the disease?

It is important to realise that all of the foods we recommend contain natural ingredients and these are precisely balanced for optimum nutrition. This means your pet won’t receive too little or too much of certain nutrients – and this claim is something only particular brands can make.

If you are feeling confused or have any questions regarding your pet’s diet please ask us for more information. When it comes to your pet’s nutrition, we are the best people to ask.