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How to medicate your pet

We know giving oral medications to your pet can be tricky, especially if your pet isn’t the cooperative type. Medicate like a pro with these tips:

  • Many dogs (and occasional cats) will eat medications hidden in a small tasty treat, especially just prior to a meal. It helps to have a few “decoy” treats ready. This way you can feed your pet a few decoys, and then casually give them the medicated treat whilst holding up the next decoy treat for them to see. In many cases, pets will quickly swallow the medicated treat to make way for the treat they can see in your hand!
  • To mask the taste of tablets, try using something tasty to coat it, such as a small blob of peanut butter, or semi-melted cheese or butter (which you wrap around the tablet and refrigerate briefly to set).
  • In cases where you need to “pill” your pet, it helps to have everything set out ready to go. This includes having the correct dose of medication close-to-hand, plus any bribes you wish to offer your pet, and a syringe of water to help your pet swallow the medication.
  • When administering pills or liquids orally, correct restraint of your pet is very important. For wriggly cats or small dogs, consider wrapping them in a thick blanket “burrito-style” (with their head popping out the top), or kneeling on the ground with them gently trapped between your thighs. For larger dogs, either gently crouch behind them to prevent them from backing up, or have someone help you out with a gentle hug-hold.
  • We suggest watching . This shows good technique of how to administer oral medications to a cat.

If you’re really having trouble medicating your pet, call our helpful team for advice!