How To Choose The Right Parasite Protection For Your Dog

Since all dogs are unique, a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t apply when it comes to parasite prevention. To help you choose a safe and effective parasite protection program for your individual pooch, let’s look at four things you need to consider when choosing a parasite prevention treatment product.

1.     Age

Your dog’s age affects which products to choose and how often your dog should be treated.

Because puppies (under 6 months) are only small and their immune systems aren’t as strong as an adult dog, taking a proactive approach to your puppy’s parasite protection is the best way to ensure they stay healthy. When choosing a parasite protection treatment, ensure that your puppy fits within the minimum age and weight restrictions on the packet before administering.

Once over six months old you can choose a flea and worming product they can take into adulthood.

2.     Lifestyle

Your pet’s daily activities and exposure to the outdoors will often dictate which parasites they are most at risk from and determine how frequently your pet will need to be treated. Additionally, the presence of children, elderly or a family member with reduced immunity in the household are important factors to consider.

3.     Weight

To make sure your dog receives the correct dosage; select a parasite protection treatment suited for your dog’s current weight. We can help you to accurately weigh your dog to ensure you administer the correct dosage for complete protection.

4.     Treatment Type

There are several parasite prevention treatment types available for dogs, including chewable tablets, tablets, spot-on, flea collars, flea shampoos and sprays. When selecting a treatment type, consider your preferences, your dog’s preferences & lifestyle, along with how often your dog swims or is shampooed.

Regularly treating your dog for parasites is essential to help them lead a happy and healthy life, but it can be hard to know which treatments are best for your dog. If you are unsure which product would best suit your dog or puppy, a chat with us can help you find the right one.

Important: Use the full dose as recommended on the label – do not split products, do not use cat products on dogs (or dog products on cats).

If your dog is pregnant, lactating or has any medical conditions ask your vet for a recommendation.

Did you know?

Wormicides will kill adult worms in your pet at time of treatment, but within a few days your pet can be reinfected. That is why monthly worming is important for at-risk pets.