Weight loss for your pet – what you need to know

With approximately 41% of the pet population overweight there is a BIG need to address this issue. Excess weight is uncomfortable for your pet. It can decrease your pet’s quality of life and ultimately reduce their life expectancy. We want to help with this problem so are offering a FREE weight loss clinic. Your pet will be weighed & measured and then the best weight loss diet will be recommended. Depending on the diet you choose we may even be able to break down the amount per cup of food it will cost you.

Being over weight not only has an impact of your pet’s enthusiasm for life, they are also at risk to developing conditions such as:

Bone and joint disease (3 times more likely in obese pets)

Urinary tract disease

Heart disease

Difficulty breathing

Skin disease (2 times more likely in obese cats)

Diabetes Mellitus (4 times more likely in obese cats)

What weight increase can mean in human terms

A Golden Retriever gains 4.5kg = 8.1kg in human weight

A Chihuahua gains 1.3kg = a HUGE 42.6kg in human weight

A Persian cat gains 2.2kg = 25.8kg in human weight

This really helps put things in perspective and how even a kilo weight gain can make a huge impact on your pet.

What your treats really mean

28g of cheese given to your dog = 1 hamburger in human equivalent

2 slices of salami given to your dog = 4 biscuits in human equivalent

14g of cheese given to your cat = 1 hamburger & small fries in human equivalent

100ml of milk given to your cat = 4 biscuits in human equivalent

Just think how often you give your pet a ‘little’ treat and what it really means you are feeding them.

There are healthy treats you can give, Hills Science have Metabolic treats which can be used as part of the metabolic weight loss program. Raw carrots are a great chew alternative for dogs and you can also look up plenty of healthy homemade treats on the internet. A great home made treat can also be made from the canned version of the weight loss food you choose. Simply place small spoonful’s on a baking tray and bake in the oven until they have a slight crispy shell. You can then incorporate these into your pets daily food allowance.

Weight Loss foods

Hills Science Diet Metabolic
Comes in both canned & dry formulas and research has showed that 88% of pets lost weight at home in 2 months with the nutrition of Metabolic. It naturally works with your pet’s unique metabolism and helps avoid weight regain after weight loss. It also helps your pet feel full & satisfied between meals and supports vitality & holistic health.

How It Works
A synergistic blend of ingredients with unique fiber blend from fruits and vegetables along with powerful antioxidants.

Royal Canin Satiety Comes in both canned & dry varieties and formulated for weight loss in dogs and cats, Satiety dry formula is design to help reduce hunger. Satiety support enables your dog to receive a 32% larger portion than your average high-fibre weight loss diet. This is achieved through a combination of high protein and a special blend of fibres. This means your pet will still be eating a larger looking amount of food which can help the owner with feelings of guilt over cutting their food intake.

How it works
Reduces hunger as special blend of fibres increases the volume of the stomach contents and promotes satiety by reducing the spontaneous consumption of food.

Royal Canin Obesity
Comes in both dry and canned formulas. Obesity management should be used to reduce body weight (weight loss) in overweight dogs and cats.

How it works
High in protein content to help maintain muscle mass throughout the weight loss period and enriched with nutrients, minerals and vitamins to avoid nutritional deficiencies when calorie intake is restricted. Helps maintain healthy bones and joints by the inclusion of chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine, which is especially important in obese pets with higher joint stress. Also includes a precise level of essential fatty acids (Omega-3 & Omega-6) for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Exercise is also important, but if your pet is very over weight start slowly and gently and work up to longer walks as the weight drops off. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful area with dog friendly beaches at Budgewoi, gorgeous walks at Warnavale, Wyee and Buff Point plus dog parks at Tuggerah, Charmhaven & Wyong.