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Holidaying With Your Dog

Everyone loves to take their impawtant furry family member on holiday with them but it can be tricky to find somewhere that will allow them to tag along. We’ve found some great websites for you to start your furfamily holiday planning.

Top tips on holidaying with your dog:-

  • Always let your accommodation know you are bringing your dog, even if it advertises as pet friendly. There may be certain rules you need to follow or documentation you need to bring.
  • Make sure your pet is up to date with their vaccinations as many holidays parks require seeing a vaccination certificate.
  • Have your pet’s tick, flea & worm protection up to date. Not only is this best pet parent practice but you could be heading into a high risk tick area.
  • When driving to your holiday destination take regular stops to allow your pet to go to the toilet and have a drink.
  • Research off leash areas & pet friendly beaches at your holiday destination so you know where you can walk your dog.
  • Even if your accommodation supplies a dog bed & bowls bring your own as these will be familiar to your pet and help them feel settled.
  • If you know your pet gets travel sick and/or anxious see your vet in advance as medication may help.
  • Have the number of a local 24 hour vet saved in your phone for those unthinkable emergencies.
  • Check your pet’s registration details are up to date on their microchip in case they go missing while you are away. You can do this online at

Here are some pet friendly accommodation websites to help you start planning your fur-clusion holiday.

Many holiday accommodation search websites such as Stayz & Airbnb also have a pet friendly filter option.

Good luck with your holiday planning & we hope you have a pawsome holiday.