Doyalson Animal Hospital | Dalmation Dog Getting A Treat

Could You Be Killing Your Pet with Kindness?

We all love a treat and grew up getting given food as a reward for being good or to spoil us for a special occasion. We are no different with our pets, we train them with treats, give them a treat when they perform a trick or just to show our love but when is it too much?

Just like humans our fur babies are getting fatter but unlike us we can’t hold them responsible, we are simply killing them with kindness. Now of course not all pets suffer from obesity but the ones that do need our help, strength & support, they can’t do it alone.

If your pet is prone to weight gain you need to be extra vigilant as to what you are giving them, even the smallest treat can make a big difference to them. The saying ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ really does apply. Below we look at treats you may share with your pet and the human equivalent to these – I think you will be surprised.

So what treats should you give your pet instead, because a life with no treats is no life at all right?

Many dogs love to munch on a carrot or a cored apple. Smaller dogs may even like a green bean to chew on.

You can Google healthy dog treats and make some of your own just remember portion size though and only give one or two treats depending on your pet’s size.

If your pet is on a weight loss plan you could try using some of their allocated dry food to make treats. Simply soak some of their allocated kibble in a little water, roll into balls and bake in the oven, you could even add some sweet potato or pumpkin if the diet plan allows it.

We run a weight loss clinic and are here to help you and your pet through the weight loss journey. For more information give us a call on 4399 2129.

Any remember next time you want to give your dog a treat or some leftover’s give them a cuddle or some playtime instead, you may be adding years on their precious life.