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Arthritis Alert

As Autumn comes to an end and you are at home with your pets more due to COVID-19, now is a good time to keep an eye out for arthritis. The colder weather always coincides with an increase in the number of pets with stiff and sore joints, so knowing what to look out for is essential.

The signs of arthritis in pets can be hard to detect, and it’s easy to blame the symptoms on your pet just simply ‘getting old’. The fact is, arthritis can be excruciating, and your pet will not always show a limp or yelp out in pain.

Arthritis symptoms for dogs:

– Stiffness and soreness, especially in the morning or after lying down

– Sleeping more or lying around for more extended periods

– Trouble jumping up on to furniture or into the boot of the car

– Changes in behaviour, such as being more grumpy than usual

– Muscle loss along the spine and down the legs

Arthritis symptoms for cats:

– Landing in a heap when jumping down

– Reluctancy to climb

– Hesitance jumping down from your lap or furniture

– Reduced grooming, leading to a poorly-kept coat and matted fur

The good news is that we can improve your pet’s mobility and ensure they are pain-free. We can also help slow the progression of arthritis.

Please phone us if you are worried about your pet and we will be able to help.

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