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Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust When You Return to Work

As COVID-19 restrictions relax and we start to return to a new “normal”, many people will be returning to work. Your dog may be used to having you around more, which means they also have likely been enjoying the extra cuddles, walks and maybe even the extra snacks!

There is the possibility that returning to work may create some separation anxiety issues for your canine friend – that’s why if you have any concerns about your pooch, we are here to help.

Symptoms of separation anxiety may include:
Destructive behaviour
Weight loss
House soiling

Our top tips to help reduce your dog’s anxiety:
1. If you’ve been home with your dog a lot recently, start with some small outings without your pooch. Begin by leaving your dog alone for only five minutes and then extend this to twenty minutes, then later an hour and then longer. This will help them adjust to you being away from them during the day.
2. Try not to make a huge fuss when you return from being out as your dog will start to anticipate these arrivals, and this can exacerbate your dog’s anxiety.
3. Take your dog for a walk before you leave the house for work to help stimulate their mind and expend some energy before they are left at home for an extended period.
4. Make sure you leave your dog with some toys and consider something like a Kong treat to take their mind off the separation. Ask us for more information.
5. Leave the radio or television on for extra company.
6. Consider an Adaptil collar (dog appeasing pheromone) to help reduce anxiety – ask us about this excellent product.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you think your dog is developing separation problems. We are here to help you and your pet.