How to Keep Your Pet Looking Furbulous

Grooming is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat or dog. It involves not only regular brushing, but also bathing, clipping nails and trimming fur. While some owners prefer to take their pet to the groomer on a regular basis, others like to do everything themselves.

It can take time for your pet to become used to being groomed and it’s important to handle them often so they get used to being touched and petted. This includes stroking the ears and paws, as these are sensitive areas for many animals. Keep treats on hand to reward them as you groom and pet them.

Dog grooming


All dogs need regular brushing, even short-haired breeds, to keep their coat clean, tangle-free and tidy. Regular brushing also helps to control shedding, so less hair is left in the house and on your clothes. It’s a good idea to start brushing them regularly when they’re puppies so they feel comfortable when being handled and brushed.

Coat trimming

Dog breeds such as Poodle, Maltese and Shih Tzu have coats that don’t shed and require regular grooming. Other long-haired dogs also benefit from trimming, especially in the warmer months or if they start to develop matted areas.


Most dogs generally don’t need to be bathed more than once a month, unless they’re getting dirty or have been rolling in something foul. When bathing, it’s important to use a pet-specific shampoo. It’s best to apply it to your hands first and then rub into your dog’s coat rather than directly on to their skin, as this can cause irritation. Some dogs with sensitivities or skin conditions may require a special shampoo.

Nail trimming

It’s very easy to injure a dog if you cut a nail too short. The “quick” of the nail is where the nerves and blood vessels meet. If the nail is cut too short and the quick is cut it will start to bleed. Vets, veterinary nurses, and groomers can trim your dog’s nails if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Cat grooming

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to be groomed as much as they tend to take care of their own grooming and hygiene. Regular brushing helps to remove dead hair, reducing the risk of hairballs forming. Some cats require their coats to be trimmed.

For many pets grooming can be quite a stressful situation that requires careful animal handling to ensure it is done safely for both your pet and the person involved. Ask us for advice on the right grooming care for your pet.

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